California Beach Dog

California Beach Dog is a pet CBD brand with a modern and fun way to celebrate your pet! Creating gluten-free cbd dog treats, savory cbd dog biscuits, and omega-3-rich CBD oils for dogs, cats, and other amazing pets!

California Beach Dog started around the idea that all pets deserve to be healthy and happy.

We are a family owned-and operated brand with 4 dogs and 2 cats ourselves. We know how it is when you want to give your pet the very best. So we’re breaking the stigma that big brands are better! Independent companies focus on individual batches so we focus more time per product than the the big manufactures. Our pet CBD is third party tested for safety and consistency. We’ve hand checked each and every unit to ensure quality with every purchase.

Got pics of your dog or cat living his best life? We especially love beach photos. Show us your dog frolicking in the warm sand at the beach. Even a nice quiet photo of your cat basking under the warm sun. Let’s see them! Tag us in your photos of pet @calibeachdog on Instagram.

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