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Dog Car Ride – How to Ease Pet’s Travel Anxiety

dog car trip

Almost any car ride is a long care ride for a dog. Riding in the car without knowing where the destination will be is understandably a reason to experience travel anxiety.

How to Prevent Your Dog’s Car Ride Anxiety

Start by taking your dog on small trips around the block. Try taking your nervous dog to places he likes to go such as the park. Calmly reward your dog when a successful trip is completed. Increase the distance with every trip.

Not every dog hates car rides. For some dogs, car rides can be pure joy and excitement.Yet, these dogs still exhibit anxiety symptoms. If your dog pants the entire car ride, barks, or exhibits other forms of anxiety such as vomiting, shaking, whining, or drooling, you may be wondering what to give your dog to make car travel a little easier for both you and your pet.

Dog-friendly Road Trip Ideas

One time I gave my dog Benadryl for car ride based on a veterinarians recommendation. Surprised it didn’t really help her anxiety, I decided to leave her at home to avoid medication. Years later, I started giving her CBD before her insulin appointments which helped ease the shaking and other physical anxiety symptoms.

Dogs that experience car ride anxiety might not need medication at all. Others need a little help calming their nerves. If you have an upcoming road trip planned with your pet, consider whether your pet is prepared to take the trip with you. Some pets prefer to stay at home or with a sitter. However, if you prefer to bring your pet on your next road trip, it is important to take preventative measures to keep your pet comfortable for the duration of the trip.

CBD Oil: Dog’s Dosage

The great thing about CBD is it is gentle enough that it is available with no prescription required. However, it is important that you choose the right strength for your dog’s size and needs. Dosages depend on the size of dog and the strength of the bottle. If you order CBD oil 500mg dogs tinctures from nocardcbd.com, the serving size is 1/4 dropper per 40 lbs.

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