Hemp Extract for Dogs – 5 Benefits You Should Know

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August 13, 2020

With the rising interest in hemp extract for dogs, we thought it was important to give you 5 facts about giving California Beach Dog CBD oil and how it can help your pet in a variety of ways.

Cali, the California Beach Dog mascot, was one of those special dogs who truly loved her CBD: she went blind, experienced car sickness, lived with an inoperable hernia, struggled with diabetes and fought through diabetic ketoacidosis. She lived to be 13 years old despite her condition and took CBD daily for the last two years of her life.

1. CBD is not psychoactive

All of our CBD is extracted from the hemp plant and is not psychoactive, meaning your dog will not get high. This means that you can safely give your dog hemp extract without getting them high, but they are still able to take advantage of the many positive benefits.

2. Hemp extracted CBD may reduce anxiety

Studies have shown that a dog’s response to stress is very much like ours and deal with anxiety that stems from a plethora of different sources including roatrips, thunderstorms, household changes, disease complications, grief, and separation anxiety.

California Beach Dog CBD Oil was designed to calm stress and anxiety. CBD works in animals the same way as humans so you can expect to see the same great results.

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3. Pet CBD Oil May Help With Pain

In preliminary studies,  CBD has been shown to provide pain relief which is why it is so popular. Almost all of us (pets too!) experience pain at some point in our lives. The great thing about CBD is it may help target the source of the pain before and alongside medical treatments.

4. CBD Oil Can Improve Nausea & Stimulate Appetite

When dogs get older, they tend to slow their eating habits which is why so many senior dogs end up underweight in their later years.

Dogs who have taken California Beach Dog hemp extract CBD oil have shown increased appetites and decreased nausea and vomiting. It can also

reduce nausea associated with some medications and medical treatments.

5. Hemp Extract CBD Oil May Reduce Seizures

One of the biggest reasons CBD became so popular is due to studies that have shown its ability to improve and sometimes completely stop seizures. It is estimated that 5% of dogs experience epilepsy. Unfortunately, epilepsy medicines are extremely powerful and potentially damaging to the liver and can deteriorate organs. Some dosages are so high that it changes the pet’s personality!

Results from studies have shown the effects of CBD on epilepsy are phenomenal.

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