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800mg Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Tincture, 1 fl. oz/30ml (blueberry)


Additional information

Size 1 oz (30ml)

Total CBD 800mg

Dose 1/2 dropper

Product Facts Non GMO, Organic Hemp, No Coconut Oil, No MCT, No Grapeseed Oil

Ingredients Full Spectrum 800mg Hemp CBD, Proprietary Blend of Oil & Blueberry Fruit Extract


Living Naturals 800mg Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Tincture is a popular choice for someone who wants to use all the cannabinoids from the hemp plant. This product contains 0.3% THC, the legal limit allowed for over-the-counter hemp-derived products.

This is a proprietary oil with a balanced fatty acid profile blended with blueberry plant extract. It does not contain coconut oil, MCT oil, avocado oil, or grapeseed oil.

Living Naturals uses CBD from grown from Nevada certified farms in all the full spectrum products. The raw products are regularly third-party tested for quality to insure only the best ingredients are being used and turned into unique oil formulations. All Living Naturals products are tested using a random-pick method as part of the quality control process.


Before taking CBD, please talk with your physician. This product should not be administered to anyone under the age of 18 without a doctor’s recommendation.


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