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Ultra Pain Relief Cream 1000mg CBD Isolate, 2 oz Jar |Janevape Flower Power Salve

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A bouquet of fragrant terpenes bursting with synergistic therapeutic effects, JaneVape 1000mg is the best pain relief cream we offer!


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How to Use:
-Massage a small pea-sized amount into the skin and apply to sore muscles and joints, morning and night. Adjust the amount as needed.

-Keep jar stored away from heat. If the cream melts, set the jar on a level surface in a cool location and allow the cream time to settle.
-Although this product is made with simple ingredients intended for use with all skin types, those with sensitivities to lavender and pine may want to perform a small test before using the full amount.

-A blend of all-natural ingredients to give a nice, smooth quick absorption.
-1000mg pure CBD isolate derived from Colorado-grown hemp. Contains 0% THC.
-Carefully infused with a blend of real hemp plant terpenes combined with organic botanical extracts and pure plant oils.
-The skin-softening agent shea butter— a natural creamy anti-inflammatory ingredient that softens the skin.
-Nutrient-rich mango butter — a soft, creamy butter packed with nutrients like Vitamin A & C.

Why Terpenes
-Terpenes are the fragrant compounds produced by the hemp plant that facilitate absorption and synergize with cannabinoids.
-You may recognize familiar scents while smelling JaneVape pain relief cream products. This is because some of the most abundant terpenes in hemp are found in other common plants. For example, myrcene with its earthy, clove-like aroma synergizes with the other terpenes to aid in the transport of the cannabinoids into the brain. Pinene, another terpene responsible for the scent of pine trees, encourages alertness and focus.

1 review for Ultra Pain Relief Cream 1000mg CBD Isolate, 2 oz Jar |Janevape Flower Power Salve

  1. Benjamin V.

    Goes on super smooth and I felt almost instant relief! Really pleased!

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