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Hot 'n Spicy CBD Beef Jerky Slab 150mg


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Yum! Nothing beats the fire-flavor of Spicy CBD Beef Jerky from Buzzlit edibles. Divide into bite-sized pieces for small bursts of CBD


Our Hot ‘N Spicy CBD Beef Jerky is flaming hot!

  • 16g Protein

  • 0g Sugar & 0g Carbs

  • All-natural with no MSG, no nitrates, and no preservatives.

  • Diet-friendly & Guilt-free

  • Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free

Whoah that’s hot!! Set your taste buds on fire with the sizzling’ bite of our Hot ‘N Spicy¬†CBD Beef Jerky. Break off into bite-size pieces for micro-dosing. Or divide into quarters for a strong serving of CBD. Not a fan of the hot stuff? Try the Original Flavor


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